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It's frustrating to spend all your time cooking and baking, only for it to come out looking blah.

We have everything you need to make cooking and baking easy and fun.

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Being a new baker can be stressful. Talisman Designs makes cooking and baking so easy and fun! Their inventive pie stamps, cutters, and crimpers will turn even the most novice baker into a pie boss in no time!
Beth Le Manach
Influencer EntertainingWithBeth.com
My Mom always had a tin can of meat grease under the counter - which was gross. So, it was love at first sight when Talisman Designs introduced the Bacon Bin! It is as cute as it is functional. Customers put this little piggie on all of their re-orders because it's a timeless solution that brings big sales!
Christina Kissler
Sales Rep
Bulkley & Associates
There was no good way to chop up hamburger until I found the Meat Chopper! When it’s time to make spaghetti or sloppy Joe’s for the family, the Chopper is my ‘go-to’ kitchen gadget.
Tony P
It’s awful when products don’t sell. Talisman Designs is one of my favorite companies and very popular with my customers! Their cute and clever designs add fun and function to any kitchen arsenal. My favorites include the Pie Shield, Bacon Bin, Ginger Peeler, and all the etched wood utensils - which customers can’t get enough of!
Jenni Hlawatsch
The Singing Cook